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Establishing a voluntary target for the management of workplace lead exposures

To encourage continuous improvement that goes beyond regulatory requirements, the Lead Battery 360° program founding Trade Associations have long established voluntary employee lead exposure management targets for their member companies. The voluntary targets have been regularly reviewed and lowered to encourage continuous improvement in member company performance in managing employee lead exposures.

The latest target is that no employee in a member company should have a blood lead exceeding 20µg/dL by the end of 2025. The target is supported by guidance, a requirement that member companies provide their employee blood lead data to the Associations on an annual basis to facilitate benchmarking, and regular workshops for peer to peer best practice sharing.

The programs have been very successful in delivering continuous reductions in workplace lead exposures over time and at the end of 2020 there were up to 65% fewer employees with blood lead levels higher than the current target compared to the baseline year of 2013. Today many employees working in the Trade Association member companies have average blood lead levels lower than those that would have been seen in the general population in the 20th Century.

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