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Principle 7

Knowledge Sharing and Capacity Building

Knowledge Sharing and Capacity Building

Partner with key stakeholders and government agencies to share our expertise and promote environmentally sound recycling of lead batteries in low and medium-income countries.

The Challenge

About environmentally sound recycling

Lead exposure from informal and poor standard lead battery recycling operations is the cause of environmental pollution that has significant impacts on human health and can adversely affect economic development in low and middle income countries. By working with NGOs, Governments and Industry in these regions Lead Battery 360° members will support on-going efforts to establish industry guidelines for the responsible extraction, sourcing, recycling, and production of refined lead and lead batteries. Contributing information and best practice case studies and communicating those publicly through knowledge sharing can ensure improved practices globally and promote peer to peer learning.
Principle 2 Guidelines

Delivering on Guiding Principle 2

The Principle 2 Guidelines (which are one of seven Lead Battery 360° Industry Guidelines supporting the Lead Battery 360° Code) provide guidance and further information on what is expected of companies to effectively deliver on this commitment.


Call to action

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