Principle 1

Environmental, Health
and Safety Excellence (EHS)


Support responsible battery manufacturing and recycling by placing environmental health and safety excellence at the heart of our operations.

The Challenge

About environmental health and safety excellence

Prioritising environmental protection, health, and safety (EHS) is a key factor in enabling companies to conduct business in a responsible manner. Producing valuable products can impact the cleanliness of the air, water and land around industrial facilities, unless appropriately managed. In addition, it is an unfortunate reality that workplace incidents and illnesses continue to affect workers, where health and safety control measures are not in place.

In many countries, regulations are in place that establish mandatory Environmental, Health and Safety Excellence standards. Beyond compliance requirements, companies increasingly understand they play a key role, as a responsible corporate citizen, in protecting the health, safety, and wellbeing of their workers and preserving the environment for today’s and future generations.

The goal of Environmental, Health and Safety Excellence excellence is to protect environmental resources, improve employee safety, reduce workplace risks and create better, safer working conditions for workers.

Principle 2 Guidelines

Delivering on Guiding Principle 2

The Principle 2 Guidelines (which are one of seven Lead Battery 360° Industry Guidelines supporting the Lead Battery 360° Code) provide guidance and further information on what is expected of companies to effectively deliver on this commitment.


Below are examples of practical actions taken and by the associations and participants in the Lead Battery 360° program.

Call to action

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