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‘Environmentally sounds’ lead battery guidance for Africa

A United Nations agency has published a guidance manual on the environmentally sound management of waste lead acid batteries aimed at African states.

Global guidelines on managing lead battery recycling discussed in Geneva

Updated technical guidelines on the environmentally sound management and recycling of lead batteries have been reviewed by the Basel Convention – a UN group tasked with setting rules for managing waste.

G7 working group endorses LeadBattery360° project

Recommendations from a G7 workshop co-hosted by the EU and the USA and sponsored by the German government include LeadBattery360° as an example of an effective industry initiative helping tackle the problem of informal lead battery recycling in low and middle-income countries.

Lead batteries to provide energy storage for East Africa hospital project

Proposals to deploy lead battery technology as part of two projects to provide innovative energy storage systems for an African nation have been drawn up by partners including the Consortium for Battery Innovation.

Delegates at the Bangladesh workshop learn more about safe lead battery recycling

ILA’s technical consultant Brian Wilson supported LeadBattery360’s program at a four-day interactive workshop on safe lead battery recycling and manufacturing in Bangladesh.

Nigerian delegation briefed on LeadBattery360

A delegation of Nigerian businesses and government officials visited Germany in September to find out more about the country’s lead battery recycling industry.

Creating a future free from childhood lead exposure

Lead Battery 360° founding trade associations share a common corporate social responsibility and environmental, sustainability governance mission to protect every child’s potential by creating a future free from lead exposure. Through collective action, we can protect children’s health from lead exposure, which impacts 1 in 3 children globally.

Industry associations reaffirm commitment to help tackle informal lead battery recycling

Four associations representing the lead and lead battery industries have launched a program designed to help reduce substandard and informal lead battery recycling in low-and-middle income countries (LMICs).

ILA to join international review of battery recycling standards

An international environmental body which oversees the safe global management of chemicals and waste has agreed to review and update the guidelines for responsibly recycling lead batteries.

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