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‘Environmentally sound’ lead battery guidance for Africa

A United Nations agency has published a guidance manual on the environmentally sound management of waste lead acid batteries aimed at African states.

The United Nations Environment Program published the new guidance document to provide expert advice policymakers and regulators across the continent. 

Dr Steve Binks, who co-ordinates LeadBattery360 said: “The manual is designed to provide guidance on how to evaluate the present state of waste lead acid battery (WLAB) management in a country and provides tips on how to introduce policies and regulations to ensure WLABs are managed throughout the supply chain in an environmentally sound manner (ESM).”

The manual was drafted for Pure Earth by International Lead Association and LeadBattery360 consultant Brian Wilson, who has extensive experience in the field. Funding was provided from the European Commission in response to the UNEA Resolution UNEP/EA.3/Res.9 on Eliminating Exposure to Lead Paint and Promoting Environmentally Sound Management of Waste Lead- Acid Batteries.

The document is available in English and French and can be downloaded from the UN Environment Programme website and is also available in the Industry Guidelines section of Lead Battery 360.