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Principle 4

End-of-life management

End-of-life management

Minimise the environmental impact of our products by encouraging the development of programmes that ensure effective collection, transportation and environmentally sound recycling of used lead batteries.

The Challenge

Extended Producer Responsibility to: Ensuring responsible end-of-life management of batteries placed on the market

The Lead Battery 360° programme encourages lead battery producers to take responsibility for what happens to their products when they reach the end of their useful life. Companies should take care that effective measures are in place in the countries in which the battery is sold that ensure effective collection, transportation, and environmentally sound recycling of the end-of-life product. Battery manufacturing companies should strive to reduce the carbon footprint of their manufacturing processes and look to maximise the use recycled materials where possible.

Principle 2 Guidelines

Delivering on Guiding Principle 2

The Principle 2 Guidelines (which are one of seven Lead Battery 360° Industry Guidelines supporting the Lead Battery 360° Code) provide guidance and further information on what is expected of companies to effectively deliver on this commitment.


Below are examples of practical actions taken and by the associations and participants in the Lead Battery 360° program.

Call to action

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